[Translate to English:] A modeled Mercury's exosphere due to helium atoms escaping the solid planetary surface under the solar wind and UV radiation (Yoneda et al. 2019).

Mercury's helium exosphere may strongly vary along its orbit

  • Solar Stellar Connection

Modeling Mercury's exosphere suggests strong variations of helium emission along the planet's orbit

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Successfully upgraded HELLRIDE during VTT campaign 2021b

  • Solar Physics

HELLRIDE was successfully upgraded with a dual-beam polarimeter and broadband imager. This new major upgrade also includes etalon refurbishment to…

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October 2021: GREGOR main mirror recoated

  • Solar Telescopes

During the maintenance in October 2021, the GREGOR main mirror was recoated and the telescope optics realigned.


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Matthias Waidele defended PhD

Matthias Waidele successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis at the University of Freiburg.

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The architect's design of the new building is shown.

Construction work on new KIS building has begun

  • Picture of the MonthTop

At the end of last year, the time had come: construction of the new KIS building officially began on December 12, 2020. Until the end of the year,…

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