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Team Members

Borrero, Juan Manuel (Staff Scientist)
Radiative transfer, inversion codes, spectropolarimetry, sunspot magnetic fields, quiet sun magnetic fields

Fleishman, Gregory (Staff Scientist and Group Leader)
Coronal magnetography, active regions, solar flares, data-constrained 3D model

Milic, Ivan (Staff Scientist)
Spectropolarimetric diagnostics, Non-LTE radiative transfer, quiet Sun magnetism

Schlichenmaier, Rolf (Staff Scientist)
Spectropolarimetry, magnetohydrodynamics, sunspots

Kaltman, Tatiana (Post Doctoral Research Associate)
Radio Observations, data analysis, radio emission models, active regions, solar flares

Ebert, Elias (Bachelor student)
Study of internetwork magnetic fields using forward radiative transfer modelling with MHD simulations

Moser, Mike (Master student)
Investigations of super-strong magnetic fields in counter-Evershed flow regions in sunspots using near-IR data from GREGOR

Caligari, Maria (Bachelor student)
Investigations of penumbra formation from GREGOR/GRIS observations

Liu, Gaojian (Master student)
Study of the open flux problem by using forward modeling and Milne-Eddington inversions