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Mechanical Workshop / Engineering

In this team, the scientists' ideas for astronomical optomechanical instruments become reality.

First, drawings and 3D models are developed in both 2D and 3D using state-of-the-art CAD software as templates for prototyping as well as final fabrication in the in-house workshops and/or at industrial partners together with the researchers.

The most complex optomechanical instruments can then be precisely manufactured and assembled in the mechanical workshop. Prototypes and sample components are also built here. Existing instruments can be modernised and mechanically improved and equipped for automatic or remote operation together with the Electronics-Laboratory.

Staff members involved in the development and realisation of instruments from this team as well as from the E-Lab also ensure the technical part of the operation at the OT as assistants.

Team Leader
K. Gerber (Phone: +49 761 3198-145)