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HELioseismic Large Region Interferometric DEvice (HELLRIDE) is a dual Fabry-Pérot etalon instrument capable of spectroscopy (for dopplergrams) and spectro-polarimetry (for magnetograms). Core specifiations of the instruments are listed below.

Wavelength range of operation   530 - 870 nm

Supported spectral lines 
(filters available and characterized) 

Fe I 617.3
Fe I 630.2 doublet
Hα 656.3
Ca II 854.2

Field of view 90'' × 90''
Nominal cadence 
(mixed spectroscopy and spectropolarimetry) 
40 s
Nominal data output 1 TB/hour

Contact persons

Scientific operations: Markus Roth
Instrument: Hemanth Pruthvi