Welcome to the Leibniz Institute for Solar Physics (KIS)

The Leibniz Institute for Solar Physics (KIS), a member of the Leibniz Association, conducts basic research in astronomy and astrophysics with a particular focus on solar physics. The institute's structure and operation are based on three strategic pillars: 1) fundamental research, 2) operation of the German solar telescope infrastructure on Tenerife, and 3) research in data science and operation of the Science Data Center. The institute's professors and docents, who qualify as lecturers and who have been appointed by Freiburg University, offer lectures at various degree levels and train young scientists.

The vision of KIS is to extend its leadership in solar physics and solar-stellar connections in Europe and worldwide by deepening the understanding of the Sun and developing new astrophysical applications and instruments.

In line with the KIS mission, work at the Institute will advance scientific knowledge of the Sun, stars, and their space environments by developing state-of-the-art theories and instrumentation for the largest ground-based solar telescopes at the frontier of what is scientifically and technically feasible, and by providing access to these developments to the European and global solar physics community. A wealth of science-ready data will be generated and interpreted through observations performed on ground-based solar telescopes and their instruments together with advanced data analysis methods and pipelines developed at KIS or opened up for scientific use. The research field worked on at KIS, which is important for the understanding of the effect of solar activity on space weather and thus on Earth, is to be brought closer to the young generation of researchers as well as to the interested public.


Screenshot of SDC's web search interface, which is now a modern single-page application.

SDC now based on Rucio/dCache with a significantly upgraded website.


SDC's foundation is now based on Rucio/dCache for data management and storage and got a new modern single-page…

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View of the scientific facilities on the Teide plateau after the forest fire events of August 2023

OT in Tenerife remained unharmed by forest fires thanks to IAC and emergency services.


Thanks to the prudent actions of the IAC and the selfless efforts of the rescue workers and fire brigades, the…

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Visible Tunable Filter successfully passed the Lab Acceptance Tests


In calendar week 29, the VTF instrument was subjected to the Lab Acceptance Tests.

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