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Our team is multidisciplinary, covering a broad range of expertise in magnetism of the Sun and cool stars, exoplanets and astrobiology. Our research is based on spectro-polarimetric measurements, Stokes profiles modeling, MHD simulations, Big Data analysis with machine learning and stochastic thermodynamics tools, as well as laboratory and field measurements.

Team Members

N.N. (KIS Director)
Solar and stellar magnetism, exoplanetary atmospheres, astrobiology, physics of molecules, polarised radiative transfer.

Díaz Castillo, Saida (PhD Student)
Small-scale magnetic field in the quiet Sun, spectropolarimetry, computational tools and machine learning.

Käpylä, Petri (Group Head)
MHD and global dynamo simulations of solar and stellar magnetic fields.

Lindner, Philip (PhD Student)
Sunspots, penumbra formation, spectropolarimetry and inversions of photospheric and chromospheric solar lines.

Steiner, Oskar (Senior scientist)
Small-scale magnetism of the Sun and stars; numerical simulation of magnetohydrodynamic processes in solar and stellar plasmas; polarised radiative transfer; radiation hydrodynamics; numerical methods in computational fluid dynamics and radiative transfer.


Beluzzi, Luca (Scientist, jointly with IRSOL)
Polarised radiative transfer theory

Gorobets, Andrei (Postdoc, jointly with SDC)
Stochastic data analysis

Yakobchuk, Taras (Postdoc, jointly with SDC)
Polarimetry of exoplanets, multispectral polarimetry using UAV