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Work Life Balance at KIS

KIS continuously endeavours to improve the framework conditions for employees with family commitments and to make it possible to reconcile work, studies and an academic career with raising children and caring for relatives in accordance with the principles of equal opportunities.

In particular, this includes flexible flexitime working models, part-time employment options and the possibility of teleworking. Due to the Institute's research activities, personal work equipment and access methods in all organisational units are consistently designed for remote access. In addition, KIS makes a financial contribution to childcare, especially during school holidays, and provides a specially equipped parent-child workstation.

KIS endeavours to offer all internal events in a family-friendly manner in terms of time and organisation. The specific organisation is based on the individual needs of employees and their own family environment as well as those of visitors.

The range of information on topics such as childcare, holiday care, caring for relatives and other relevant points is constantly updated, adapted and expanded through participation in the Freiburg Network of Family-Conscious Companies (Freiburger Netzzwerk Familienbewusste Unternehmen). An in-house work-and-family team has been established and can be contacted in person and by email (mailto:buf@~@leibniz-kis.de).  

In order to ensure the continuous development of our efforts to improve the compatibility of work and family life, an audit is carried out at regular intervals by berufundfamilie Service GmbH. The current certificate was issued in 2021.

If you have any specific concerns, suggestions or criticism, please send an email to buf@~@leibniz-kis.de. All concerns will be treated confidentially.