GRIS data from 2020 reprocessed


The SDC team has re-calibrated all GRIS data from 2020 using the new gris_v8 routine to improve spatial resolution. The re-processed data is live at

The raw data was resifted and the new feature in gris_v8 to use additional target measurements to improve the spatial resolution was implemented wherever the corresponding measurements were available.

The settings used to perform the calibration can be viewed in the public GitLab project for the GRIS reduction  (direct link to calibration parameters).. In the headers of the data (keyword HISTORY), there is also a reference to the source code and version of all software packages used to process the raw data into the final product.

The newly processed data is available at We recommend the specially developed tool grisviewer to view the data downloadable from there. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the SDC team via our support portal. KIS users can also contact us directly via GitLab.

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