SDC Archive Updated


The SDC Archive has been updated with a list of new features which will make it more intuitive and useful! Find out more!

The SDC team has worked hard on updating the SDC Archive user interface in response to testing and user feedback. The following changes are live as of today:

Improved Behavior for Embargoed Data

  • Embargoed datasets are now shown on the archive: Only previews, observation log and similar non-scientific components are publically accessible. Embargoed datasets are marked in red on the search result page
  • Embargoed data cannot be downloaded, instead an explanation text is shown on the detail pages telling users to contact PIs for access
  • Added switch to search page to filter embargoed data

Added better filtering options

  • Added option to filter for observations with inversion.
  • Added option to filter for GRIS targets.
  • Added switch to search page to filter embargoed data


  • The value of the Exposure Time has been updated to reflect only the accumulated exposure time of an observation. For example for scanning slit spectrographs, we give the summed exposure time of a single slit. A corresponding hint has been added to the field on the detail pages.
  • Added a field to show the number of accumulations during data acquisition

Usability Improvements

  • Observation detail pages now contain a tab to view the observation log online
  • The rows in the result catalog are now clickable to allow easier access to the details pages
  • Added text hint of estimated download size on result catalog and details pages

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Added placeholder if no previews are available on the details page
  • Fixed pagination on the result catalog
  • Updated links in the footer

As always: We're thrilled if you use our archive, feel free to contact us with any feedback or ideas!


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