Sunrise III Telescope during hang test at MPS

Sunrise Hang Test

  • Scientific Instrumentation

Sunrise III Vakuum- and Hang-Tests

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 GREGOR Telescope on ice

Maintenance work during winter

  • Solar Telescopes

Winter in Izana

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Bild der graphischen Benutzerschnittstelle von GRISview (Vers. 0.7)

First "public" release of GRISview

  • SDC

GRISView is SDC's first visualisation and analysis tool by Taras Yakobchuk, intended to facilitate working with SDC's datasets and make them…

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SDC Archive Updated


The SDC Archive has been updated with a list of new features which will make it more intuitive and useful! Find out more!

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New magnetic white dwarfs discovered

  • Solar Stellar ConnectionTop

A hidden magnetism of known white dwarfs was discovered using a novel approach based on broad-band circular polarization measurements with the…

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First accurate measurements of electric currents on the solar photosphere

  • TopSolar Physics

Scientists at the Leibniz Institute für Sonnenphysik achieve the first accurate measurements of electric currents in the solar atmosphere.

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VTF Data Pipeline Prototype

  • TopScientific Instrumentation

The Visible Tunable Filter VTF, build by KIS, is one of the first-light instrument for the DKIST 4m class solar telescope on Maui. For data…

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GRIS data from 2020 reprocessed

  • SDC

The SDC team has re-calibrated all GRIS data from 2020 using the new gris_v8 routine to improve spatial resolution. The re-processed data is live at…

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Bild mit verschiedenen Datenprodukten

November 2021: A New Science Data Hub in Freiburg


The Science Data Centre (SDC) was launched at KIS to host large data volumes from the ground-based solar telescopes.

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Picture of the new Director of Administration and Technical Services: Dr. Johannes Heilmann

July 2021: Extension of the Board of Directors

  • Picture of the Month

As of July 1, the Leibniz-Instituts für Sonnenphysik Board of Directors has three instead of two members, with the third area being referred to as…

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