First remote campaign with VTT

Nature of the campagin: Technical and maintenance
Project:Jets in the Solar Atmosphere (DFG), Markus Roth
Remote observer:Hemanth Pruthvi
On-site observing assistant:Miguel Esteves
Important dates:17.02.2022 (D-1), 18.02.2022 (D-2), 02.03.2022 (D-5)


A remote campaign was planned for VTT-HELLRIDE, for the diagnostics purposes. It is a technical campaign; D-1 and D-2 are spent on diagnosing the previously discovered errors, and D-5 consisted of full observing run (including flats, calibration) to examine the status of the instrument and the data. D-3 and D-4 have had high wind speeds and bad seeing, hence telescope was not operated for extended duration. After the data processing, we conclude that the issue is resolved and everything is working as expected. The observing run cycles through 4 filters with ~40 seconds cadence at a frame rate of 40 fps, and it spans roughly 170 minutes (80 + 90 minutes). The figure shows a sample data set corresponding to Fe I 6173 spectro-polarimetric observations (Stokes maps are aggregate of polarization signal in the blue wing of the spectral line) of the active region AR 12957. The data processing doesn’t include image reconstruction, polarimetric cross-talk corrections and combining the two polarimetric channels.