VTF integration started at DKIST on Maui/Hawaii (early January 2024)

At the beginning of 2024, the VTF team was able to fly to Maui/Hawaii and start integrating the VTF into the DKIST telescope.

The telescope was reserved exclusively for the VTF, so that all the necessary resources were available, which was necessary for a smooth installation due to the size and complexity of the instrument. In a first step, the complete steel frame was implemented on the Coudé platform, the preparation of the electronics racks was completed, the VTF control software was integrated and preparations for the installation of the optical components were started. Below are a few impressions of the first weeks of the VTF installation on Maui/Hawaii.

The VTF frame in the otics laboratory at the DKIST telescope.
The shipping containers are unloaded at the DKIST telescope.
A picture of the frame of the VTF in its final position.
Picture of the VTF team in front of the VTF in the optics laboratory at the DKIST telescope.