Visible Tunable Filter successfully passed the Lab Acceptance Tests

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In calendar week 29, the VTF instrument was subjected to the Lab Acceptance Tests.

Under the watchful eye of scientists and engineers from a team at the National Solar Observatory (NSO, Boulder, USA) and the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope (DKIST), members of the VTF team carried out a series of tests and measurements to verify that the instrument operates correctly and within the agreed accuracy.

In parallel, knowledge transfer on the instrument and the telescope environment was carried out in several groups. The instrument will be installed at DKIST by members of the VTF team with support from the DKIST team. This will require that, from the outset, both teams know as much as possible about what to expect. After completion of the instrument, KIS will provide a two-year warranty and further knowledge transfer to enable the DKIST team to operate and maintain the instrument independently.

At the end of the week it was accomplished: VTF had passed the laboratory acceptance tests. According to the agreed schedule, the instrument will be dismantled over the next nine weeks and then transported, partly by ship and partly by plane, to Maui where it will be installed at DKIST on Haleakala early next year. To ensure successful disassembly and transport, all available resources at KIS will be mobilised: The VTF team, the electronic and mechanical workshops and the administration.

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