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Construction work on new KIS building has begun

At the end of last year, the time had come: construction of the new KIS building officially began on December 12, 2020. Until the end of the year, however, only the construction site was set up. In the meantime, however, the work is "visibly" progressing. The excavation pit has already been dug. You can now follow the progress of the construction work via a webcam (link: portal1658.webcam-profi.de ).

The picture of the month shows the status of the work as of March 15, 2021.

The KIS accommodation was first judged as no longer up to date during the evaluation in 2007. A judgement that was repeatedly stated again since then. In particular, critics identified the spatial separation of the groups of scientists and the mechanical workshop's cramped accommodation as limiting factors. Initially, the Institute sought an existing building, but given the market situation, a new building was envisaged from 2012. At that time, the space requirements were identified. Initial designs were obtained from project developers, but the project failed due to funding.

In 2016, a financing opportunity arose, which the Institute successfully took advantage of. In 2017, the first plans were initiated under the lead of the Freiburg Property and Construction Office (V&B). A plot of land was secured in the 4th construction field of the University of Freiburg's Campus Flugplatz. The architectural competition held in 2018 was won by Birk, Heilmeyer and Frenzel from Stuttgart. Their design was further developed in several steps until summer 2020 into a worthy replacement for the currently used villas in a privileged location on the Schlossberg.

Before the turn of the year, the new construction of the KIS officially began setting up the construction site. In the meantime, the building pit has already been excavated. Picture 1 shows the construction site in front of the new football stadium of SC-Freiburg at the airfield. Due to the corona-related restrictions, there has been no official on-site date for the ground-breaking ceremony or the foundation stone's laying. However, it is hoped that it will be possible to hold a celebration on-site for the topping-out ceremony.

Figure 2 shows a rendering of the new KIS building's current design as it is now under construction. If the work can be carried out as planned, the new KIS building should be ready for occupation in spring 2023. 

The excavation pit of the new KIS building is shown. As of March 2021
The architect's design of the new building is shown.