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Science Data Centre

Parallel to the activities on storage and management of large data volumes, the Science Data Centre focuses on the

  • curation, archiving and dissemination of existing and new ground-based solar data from our telescopes at El Teide Observatory on Tenerife
  • development of pipelines for calibration and processing of data from instruments developed at KIS, and
  • development of tools for data analysis and high-level data products.

The SDC provides a forum for scientific research at KIS focused on the development of new diagnosis tools for high-resolution imaging and spectro-polarimetric data, including, e.g. stochastic analysis of fluctuations observed in physical parameters, data quality assessment using machine learning techniques, diagnosis on temperature distribution from high-res imaging data in molecular bands. At SDC we have also started with data science research to gaining new insights on the properties of solar data with the analysis running over the entire SDC GRIS archive with data from 2014 onwards.


KIS/SDC contribution to the Horizon2020 ESCAPE project and beyond

Picture of the Month

KIS/SDC has been the EST representative within the Horizon2020 ESCAPE consortium of ESFRI projects. In…

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Kollege verschiedener Bildschirmaufnahmen des SDC Web-Archivs.

SDC Archiv Aktualisiert


Das SDC Datenarchiv wurde mit einer Reihe von neuen Features verbessert, die es noch intuitiver und nützlicher…

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