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Vorlesungen im SS 2024

Dr. Rolf Schlichenmaier & Dr. Juan Borrero

Astronomisches Praktikum / Astronomy Lab

Kompaktkurs am Ende der Vorlesungszeit 
(vorauss: Ende Juli / Anfang August)
Vorbesprechung: tba

Wo: Observatorium Schauinsland

Dr. Petri Käpylä & Dr. Ivan Milic

Theoretical Astrophysics: Physics of Sun and Stars

New: The course is starting on Tuesday, 16/04! 


This course will cover the physical concepts of stellar structure - going from the core where the energy is generated, to the outermost layers (atmospheres) where that same energy is being radiated away and ultimately captured by our telescopes. We will also study the Sun, as a special case of star that can be observed with a very high spatial and temporal resolution and thus help us understand how stars in general function. 

Format: 2 hours of lectures + 2 hours of exercises 

ETCS points:

Lectures: Tue 14-16 Seminar Room II/III 

Exercises: Fr 16-18 Seminar Room II/III or via Zoom (when needed or when we are working on computational topics) 

Recommended literature: 

Dina Prialnik, An Introduction to the Theory of Stellar Structure and Evolution, 2009, Cambridge University Press 

Michael Stix, The Sun: an Introduction, 2002, Springer

Vorlesungen im WS 2023/24

Dr. Rolf Schlichenmaier

Einführung in die Astrophysik

Zeit und Ort: Vorlesungen Mi 10-13 [Ort: HS II Physik Hochhaus]
Übungen dazu: Vorraussichtlich Mo 16-18 [Ort: N.N.]
7 CP, in Deutsch
Niveau: Bachelor-Studierende
Beginn: 18. Oktober