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Meeting hours

I am available for meetings with students on the subjects of lecture courses, student research projects, exams, etc. Please make an appointment with Ms. Blank, Tel. 0761 / 3198155 (mornings Mon-Thurs) or by email blank@leibniz-kis.de.

In winter semesters, I alternately offer the lectures "Theoretical Astrophysics I: Stars and Planets" and "Astrobiology" in English.

Please refer to the course catalog for details.

Bachelor, Master and PhD research projects

I offer a diverse, stimulating environment for research student works and theses and enable you to gain insight into astrophysics as an international scientific discipline in connection with a corresponding degree. I oversee topics in theoretical and experimental solar and astrophysics, as well as in astrobiology.

If you are interested in a bachelor's or master's thesis, please contact me early - several months before the intended start of the work.