Kiepenheuer Institute for Solar Physics

The Kiepenheuer Institute for Solar Physics (KIS) conducts experimental and theoretical investigations of physical processes on and within the Sun. Its headquarter is in Freiburg, Germany. The KIS operates the german solar telescopes at Teide Observatory on Tenerife (Spain) where most of the scientific observations are performed. KIS offers lectures on astronomy and astrophysics at Freiburg university and trains young scientists.

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The solar 11-year cycle affects many of the observable values of the Sun. In the course of the solar cycle, the oscillation frequencies of the Sun and the amplitudes of these oscillations change marginally but measurably. Solar oscillations are standing sound waves inside the Sun. Similarly to sound waves here on Earth, the pressure within the medium is key to the way in these waves travel. This is why these oscillations are also referred to as p modes (p for pressure). Changes in the p-mode characteristics throughout the solar cycle are due to the varying strength of the magnetic field over time at different depths inside the Sun.

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Die Leibniz-Gemeinschaft hat ihren Leibniz-Auszubildenden-Preis 2016 an den Feinwerksmechaniker Sascha Burkart verliehen. Sascha Burkart (26) absolvierte seine Ausbildung als Feinwerksmechaniker und schloss seine Gesellenprüfung als Kammerbester ab. Nominierbar waren Auszubildende an Leibniz-Einrichtungen, die ihre Abschlüsse im Ausbildungsjahr 2015/2016 mit hervorragende Noten beendet haben.

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