Term Paper WS 16/17: Frontiers in stellar physics

General Information

Topic: Frontiers of stellar physics

Date: Freitag 12:15 - 13:15

Format: Talks of 45 min, plus discussion

Lecturers: M. Roth, W. Schmidt, J.-M. Borrero

Binding registration: 18.10.2016, 17:00 at the Physics Institute

Distribution of topics and dates: 21.10.2016, 12:00 at the KIS seminar room

Location: Seminarraum KIS, Schöneckstraße 6

Contact: mroth@leibniz-kis.de

Notes from the module handbook M. Sc.: The seminar comprises approximately 10 lectures from a coherent field of physics or a neighbouring scientific area and consists of the elaboration of a lecture to a physics topic or an adjacent area with written documentation (handout) and an oral presentation. Beyond that, active participation in all lectures of the seminar is expected.


Complete overview: PDF

Formation of planetary systems and the solar system

New developments in solar physics

Star Formation and early stellar evolution

Modelling of Convection

Modelling of Dynamo

Solar and Stellar Activity

Endpoints of Stellar Evolution

Neutron Stars/Black Holes/ Supernovae

Nebulae; Active Galactic Nuclei;

Dark Matter; Dark Energy