Seminar - Term paper

Topic: Physics of the Sun

Date and time: Freitag 12:15 - 13:15

Format: Vorträge von je 45 Minuten Dauer, anschl. Diskussion.

Instructors: M. Roth, W. Schmidt, J.-M. Borrero

Binding registration: 20. Oktober, 17:15, HS I

Assignment of topics: 23. Oktober, 12:15 , KIS

Place: Seminarraum KIS, Schöneckstraße 6

Contact: M. Roth

Notes from the Modulhandbuch M. Sc.: The seminar comprises approximately 10 lectures from a coherent field of physics or a neighbouring scientific area and consists of the elaboration of a lecture to a physics topic or an adjacent area with written documentation (handout) and an oral presentation. Beyond that, active participation in all lectures of the seminar is expected.

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