Lab course in astrophysics

Schauinsland observatory. Main building is at the right.
The coelostat of the solar telescope in the Schauinsland observatory.
Optical bench in front of the spectrograph. The entrance slit is on the left side.
Diffraction grating of the spectrograph
M 42, observed with the Maksutov telescope
Maksutov-Cassegrain 14" f/15 in the Refractor Tower

Preliminary discussion: Wednesday, 02 May 2018, 15 hct, HS II


This course is fully booked!



Prerequisites: Lecture "Introduction to Astrophysics; suitable for MSc and Lehramt

Time: End of July/early August as compact course (3-4 days). The exact dates will be fixed during the preliminary discussion.

Location:  Schauinsland observatory

Maximum number of participants: 6

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schmidt

Tutors: Hanna Strecker

The lab course in astrophysics takes place each year in the summer semester at the solar observatory on Schauinsland. Astrophysical observations are carried at the solar and stellar telescopes in the observatory. The course will  be held as a compact course, in which the students can stay several days and nights at the observatory. Sleeping accommodations are provided at the observatory. Please bring your own food. A small kitchen is available. Commuting is also possible, with own vehicle.

During the same time, we also offer an experiment for the Master Lab Applied Physics: "Measuring Solar Rotation". Interested students, please pre-register via e-mail. 




Experiments/astronomical observations at the Schauinsland observatory