Library of the KIS

The library of the KIS is located at the ground floor of building I. Everybody is welcomed to read books, journals and other items in the library rooms. People working in the institute (having a working place there) may also lend out items (see below: 'substitute cards') for their work at their working place in the institute; it is not allowed to carry library material out of the institute area. Please, return the lent-out materials back to the library as soon as you no longer need them. Persons from outside the institute may use the library after having notified their stay to the secretary; support for using the library can be asked for.

The online catalogue of the KIS library is organized in four parts: 

monographs ('books'), journals, thesis, publications (reprints, reports, etc.) from other institutes. You can browse through our catalogues on KIS computers with the two programs 

  • (self-explaining) and  bibref (option -h gives help). 

    The programs are working with different search strategies. You can search for (part of) titles, author names, and keywords. The journal catalogue contains only journal titles, holdings, and location in the library; keywords were included for books, thesis and reprints since 1995. 


Online catalogues and maps:

  • Monographs (books), ordered on receipt (since May 1994):   ASCII file
  • Periodicals and annuaries, current holdings:  pdf file 
  • Periodicals and annuaries complete holdings (incl. no more published):  pdf file
  • Map of the library in the ground floor of KIS main building:  pdf file

For members, students, and guests of the institute only:

If you want to lend an item (book, journal, ...), write your name, name of the 1st author, and book title on a 'substitute card' ('Stellvertreter') and put it at the place of the lent item. If you stay at the institute for several months or longer, you may write your name on top of the card once. There are boxes for unused cards in the cafeteria near location "1", there you will also find empty cards. Don't forget to remove the card and to cross out the author and title when you return an item. Do not use substitute cards of other persons! The main purpose of the cards is to indicate where a lent item can be found by somebody else. Please, deposit lent items near your desk such that they can be found by other colleagues.