CWS Elektronik

The hardware diagram right shows in the top part the main optical components of the telescope in a schematic arrangement. The bottom part shows the electronic systems that are used for the control of the telescope and its instruments. Units built by KIS are colored in yellow.

CW-Com is a micro-controller that performs the communication with all other subsystems of the telescope. It commands the movement of the secondary mirror and reads and transmits the house-keeping data from the temperature sensors to the  Instrument Control Unit (ICU) of the telescope. The ICU sends these data via telemetry to the ground station (ESGE-CW). The latter can also be used to uplink commands to the telescope.

CW-AO is a fast dual-processor micro-computer. It reads the high-speed cameras of the CWS at a rame rate of 1700 Hz, and computes the parameters for the motion of the tip-tilt mirror that is moved at a closed-loop bandwidth of 55 Hz. In addition, the amount of focus and coma is measured. If necessary, these aberrations are minimized by moving the telescope secondary (M2) and the M3/M4 mirrors, respectively.