SOLARNET: Research Infrastructures for High-Resolution Physics

SOLARNET brings together and integrates the major European research infrastructures in the field of high-resolution solar physics, in order to promote their coordinated use and development. This network involves all pertinent European research institutions, infrastructures, and data repositories. Together, these represent first-class facilities. The additional participation by private companies and non-European research institutions maximizes the impact on the world-wide scale.

Networking activities, access to first-class infrastructures and joint research and development activities will be covered under SOLARNET to improve, in quantity and quality, the service provided by this European community. 

In summary, SOLARNET involves:

More than 500 solar physics researchers.

32 partners from 16 countries: 24 EU research institutions; 6 EU private companies; 2 USA research institutions.

SOLARNET Project achievements will be of paramount relevance to contribute towards the realisation of the 4m European Solar Telescope (EST).