Duties of the Administration

The administration department provides administrative and logistical support to the entire organization, covering a wide range of functions. It is responsible for all legal affairs, as well as for staff, accounting, financial management, awarding of contracts, asset accounting and travel organization.

Head of Administration

Andreas Hentschel

Phone: +49 761 3198-168
Email: hentschel@leibniz-kis.de

Contact Persons

Personnel Management

E. Barkowsky

Phone: +49 761 3198-157
Email: barkowsky@leibniz-kis.de


I. Seizinger

Phone: +49 761 3198-435

Email: seizinger@leibniz-kis.de


Financial Management, General and Asset Accounting

P. Gerwert

Phone: +49 761 3198-156

Email: gerwert@leibniz-kis.de

H. Strohbach

Phone: +49 761 3198-178
Email: strohbach@leibniz-kis.de


Office Management, Travel Organisation

T. Leist

Phone: +49 761 3198-150
Email: leist@leibniz-kis.de

S. Rodríguez

Phone: +49 761 3198-153
Email: rodriguez@leibniz-kis.de


Project Assistance 

B. Schäfer

Phone: + 49 761 3198-176
Email: schaefer@leibniz-kis.de