Guided group tours at Schauinsland observatory

We offer free guided tours to groups of visitors, like school classes, hiking groups, etc., as long as they fit into our schedule. 

Contact address:
       Dr. Reiner Hammer
       Kiepenheuer-Institut für Sonnenphysik
       Schöneckstr. 6
       79112 Freiburg
       phone: ++49-761-3198-216 [afternoon]
Requests by email are preferred.
In case I am out of town, please contact our secretaries (++49-761-3198-0,, who will forward your request to some other colleague.
Required information:
We will try to find a colleague or graduate student who can serve as your guide.  However, we need to know
the date and time(s) that are possible on your side;
about any pre-existing knowledge on the Sun among the visitors, or if you wish special subjects to be discussed;
the number of visitors.  This is important because two of the rooms/domes to be visited can accomodate only around 20 people; if the number of visitors exceeds this capacity, they have to be split into groups of which one has to wait outside while the other is in the dome, or alternatively we need two guides who work in parallel.

We cannot guarantee that a guide can be found at exactly the requested day and time (since all of us are bound by colloquia, travelling, or lectures), but we will try our best.
Tours normally take slightly more than 1 hour. If the time schedule of visitors is tight, this can be shortened to about 45 min. For visitors with special interests, tours can also be extended to a maximum of 2 - 2.5 hours if requested.
Location: How to reach the observatory is described here.  Please remember that the last kilometer of the road is closed to public traffic, hence you have to park your bus or cars on the parking area at the main road and then walk to the observatory, which takes some 15 min one-way (see map).
Time of the year: 
Our real scientific observations are normally carried out at the main observatory on Tenerife.  The Schauinsland observatory is mainly used for the training of students and for public outreach. As a result, it is not permanently occupied and also not heated.  In the cold season, we may have a lot of snow at this altitude, then it may be difficult to impossible to reach the various buildings and to open the domes. Therefore, tours are not available in the period November - early April.  If you happen to visit the area only at this time, we might instead consider a visit to the main institute in Freiburg (Schöneckstr. 6).