GREGOR Meeting 2018

The GREGOR meeting 2018 will take place on December 13 and 14 at the Musikakademie in Staufen (near Freiburg).



The registration is closed. If you would like to attend and forgot to register, send me an email.


The registration deadline has passed (September 10, 2018) and the rooms at the Akademie were booked. The accommodation is single rooms directly in the Akademie, which have their own bathroom (without toiletries) and cost 46 Euro for 1 night, or 73 Euro for 2 nights. You can arrive either on the 12th or on the 13th, but we will need to vacate all rooms on the 14th. Only people whose registration fee arrives until September 11 will have a room guaranteed at the Akademie. Please be aware that Staufen is a small place with very limited lodging, so your only other option may be to commute from Freiburg. Please also be aware that if you book a room at the Akademie by indicating it in the doodle and cancel later, you will be liable for the cancellation fee, which is 10 Euro per room 12-6 weeks before the meeting and the full cost if canceling within less than 6 weeks before the meeting.


If you have not paid the fee (this includes members of KIS), please do so as soon as possible. The registration fee is 75 Euros, payable to KIS and contains lunch (3 courses), drinks, and coffee breaks on both days. Please pay via bank transfer:

Kontoinhaber:  Landesoberkasse Baden-Württemberg

IBAN: DE02 6005 0101 7495 5301 02


Referenz: 1781800000450 – GREGOR Meeting Staufen - your name

Please make sure to use the correct reference number, otherwise we will have issues with the bookings! If the fee is paid by your institute, please add your name somewhere, so that we know who it is from.


The accommodation, dinner (8.50 Euro), and breakfast (8 Euro) will need to be paid directly to the Akademie during the meeting.






Wed, 12.12.

18:30                       dinner


Thu, 13.12.

8:00-9:00              breakfast

9:00-9:15              Lucia - Summary Observing Season 2018

Instrument Overviews

9:15-9:30             Manolo Collados – GRIS/IFU

9:30-9:45             Carlos Dominguez – GRIS/IFU

9:45-10:15           HP Doerr – GRIS+ June and November campaigns. Ideas for improvements of the spectrograph.

10:15-10:40        coffee break

10:40-11:10        Carsten Denker - GFPI/HIFI

11:10-11:55        Lucia Kleint, Thomas Berkefeld - Plans for 2019.

                             #observing days, Solarnet, maintenance plan, M12+15, observing schedule, nitrogen. Instruments in 2019. Remote Observing. Discussion.

11:55-12:15        Lucia - 2nd generation FPI instrument at GREGOR.

12:15-13:45        lunch

Scientific reports (12 min + 3 min questions)

13:45-14:00        Sajal Kumar Dhara - Spatial variations of the Sr-I 4607 Å scattering polarization signals at subgranular scale

14:00-14:15        Christoph Kuckein - Bright points analyzed simultaneously with GRIS, GFPI & HiFI

14:15-14:30        Kamal Sant - GRIS+ camera characterization

14:30-14:45        Sebastian Castellanos / Sowmya Krishnamurthy - Supersonic downflows

14:45-15:05        Oskar – Speckle: how to correctly speckle GREGOR data?

15:05-15:35        coffee break

Data archives and IT

15:35-15:55        Morten Franz - GRIS/GREGOR data archive

15:55-16:25        discussion: Data policy and data archives of GREGOR.
                             Solarnet data? Archiving policies. Open data policy.

16:25-16:55        Cale - IT infrastructure (FSG, thin clients, servers, ticketing system, …) and discussion

16:55-17:10        Ioannis Kontogiannis - GFPI and HiFI quiet Sun observations and synergies with other instruments

17:10-18:30        backup for discussions, possibly Philip Lindner (Analysis of vertical magnetic field between umbra and penumbra, 10-15 min)

18:30                    dinner



Fri 14.12.

8:00-9:00            breakfast

Night time Observations and new GUI

9:00-9:20            Arto Järvinen - Progress report of GANS

9:20-9:40            Thomas Granzer - Dome control

9:40-10:10          Nighttime observing and policies discussion (time distribution, scheduling, access, maintenance personnel).

10:10-10:30        Felix Krämer – New GREGOR GUI

10:30-10:50        coffee break


10:50-11:05        Meetu Verma - Finesse of GFPI Etalons

11:05-11:20        Horst Balthasar - Status of the polarimetry with GFPI

11:20-12:00        Discussion: Layout observing room. Continuation of discussion from Thu morning.

12:00-13:30        lunch

GREGOR systems

13:30-14:00        Thomas Berkefeld – AO

14:00-14:20        Judith Palacios – F1 pointing

14:20-14:35        Info for observers. Avoiding issues at the telescope.

14:35-15:10        Discussion on assistance, maintenance personnel and work distribution (e.g. instrument pipelines, …)

15:10-15:40        coffee break

15:40-16:00        Thomas - slitjaw: plans, pentaprism issues.

16:00-17:00        backup for discussions

17:00                   end of meeting



H. Balthasar, N. Bello Gonzalez, S. Berdyugina, T. Berkefeld, M. Bianda, P. Caligari, E. Capozzi, C. Denker, A. Diercke, H.P. Doerr, S. Castellanos Duran, M. Collados, C. Dominguez, M. Franz, K. Gerber, T. Granzer, T. Hederer, A. Järvinen, L. Kleint, I. Kontogiannis, F. Krämer, C. Kuckein, S. Kumar Dhara, A. Lagg, P. Lindner, J. Palacios, K. Sant, C. Schaffer, R. Schlichenmaier, S. Solanki, M. Verma, R. Volkmer, O. von der Luehe



From the train station in Staufen, the Akademie is a 900 m walk.

There will be the following transportation:

Dec 12: We plan to depart KIS around 16:30 and 3 spots are available in the car. Email Lucia if you'd like to reserve one.

Dec 12: If you arrive between 17:15 and 18:15 in Staufen, send us your arrival time and we can organize a pickup at the train station.

Dec 13: We can offer a pickup at 8:45 at the train station. Let us know if you desire this.

Dec 14: Driving down to the station in the evening will be organized spontaneously.


By train:

Regionalexpress direction Basel Bad Bf. , leaving Freiburg Hbf., Gleis 4,

Change trains in Bad Krozingen, arrival on Gleis 2,

to SWEG-Bahn direction Münstertal, leaving on Gleis 12

departs ~hourly from Freiburg, duration: ~27 min. An example for Dec 13 is visible in the image below.


Hin und wieder gibt es auch Direktverbindungen mit der SWEG-Bahn Richtung Münstertal von Freiburg nach Staufen. Der Winterfahrplan ab 09.Dez liegt aber leider noch nicht vor.


Anreise über Basel Flughafen:

Entweder mit dem Airport Bus nach Freiburg und von dort weiter mit der Bahn:

Die Tickets kauft man am besten direkt vor Ort im Bus. Bisher ist es noch nie vorgekommen, dass kein Platz mehr gewesen wäre. Eine weitere Kaufmöglichkeit für Tickets ist


Oder mit dem Shuttle direkt vom Flughafen zur Musikakademie nach Staufen:

Bei mehreren Personen, die gleichzeitig ankommen, ist ein Taxi unter Umständen billiger, wenn man es vorher schon reserviert:


Die Adresse der Musikakademie:


Alois-Schnorr Str. 10

79219 Staufen

Tel. +49 7633 92313-0