This page contains the public GREGOR documentation, always with a link to the most recent version. Internal GREGOR documents can be obtained in the corresponding menu after login. All GREGOR documents are version controlled. To create/update a document on the website, please follow the instructions at the end of this page, including using the proper template and naming, and email the final version to Reiner Volkmer. This first section contains shortcuts to the most important documents to be used during observations.


Important Info for Observers

Checklist: Observing with the Telescope
v001, 2017-12-27
Checklist: AO Quickstart
v004, 2020-07-01
AO Manual
v001, TBD
Quick Help Manual
v002, 2018-05-08


Checklist: GRIS
v004, 2021-05-26
GRIS Manual
v003, 2019-09-07
GRIS archive manual
v001, TBD
GRIS data reduction manual
v001, TBD


Checklist: HiFI
v004, 2019-06-10
HiFI Manual
v007, 2019-08-10
Checklist: BBI
v001, TBD
BBI Manual
v001, TBD


Checklist: GFPI (spectroscopy)
v002, 2019-06-17
GFPI Manual
v001, TBD
GFPI data reduction manual
v001, TBD


Checklist: SJC
v002, 2019-07-28
SJC Manual
v001, TBD


This section contains all version-controlled public GREGOR documents in sortable tables.



Document Title Vers. Date PDF Original
GRE-GRIS-IAC-MAN-0009 GRIS Observing Manual v003 2019-09-07 pdf zip
GRE-HIFI-KIS-MAN-0002 Manual: Taking data with HiFI v007 2019-08-10 pdf docx
GRE-KIS-MAN-0001 How to write GREGOR documents v002 2017-12-19 pdf docx
GRE-KIS-MAN-0003 Quick Help Observation Manual v002 2018-05-08 pdf docx
GRE-KIS-MAN-0004 Evacuation of the Coude Chamber v002 2018-07-20 pdf docx
GRE-KIS-MAN-0005 Usage of the FLIR IR thermal camera v001 2018-06-01 pdf docx
GRE-KIS-MAN-0006 BTF3 - Beam Tracker @ F3 v001 2018-04-30 pdf docx
GRE-KIS-MAN-0007 Telescope Alignment, M1 - M3 v001 2018-09-14 pdf docx
GRE-KIS-MAN-0008 Derotator Manual v003 2021-03-22 pdf zip
GRE-KIS-MAN-0010 OT telephone system v001 2019-03-15 pdf docx
GRE-KIS-MAN-0011 Derotator: New DCP Commands v002 2020-06-30 pdf docx
GRE-KIS-MAN-0012 Conductor Manual v002 2019-09-30 pdf docx
GRE-KIS-MAN-0013 GTCS Operation Manual v002 2019-12-18 pdf zip
GRE-KIS-MAN-0014 VTT: Bedienung der Kuppelsteuerung v002 2020-07-07 pdf docx
GRE-KIS-MAN-0015 SJ Alignment Manual v001 2020-06-30 pdf docx



Document Title Vers. Date PDF Original
GRE-GFPI-AIP-CL-0005 Checklist: GFPI calibration (spectroscopy) v002 2019-06-17
GRE-GRIS-KIS-CL-0009 Checklist: GRIS observations v004 2021-05-26
GRE-HIFI-AIP-CL-0004 Checklist: HiFI operations v004 2019-06-10
GRE-KIS-CL-0001 Observing with the Telescope v001 2017-12-27
GRE-KIS-CL-0002 Arbeiten am Teleskop v001 2017-12-27
GRE-KIS-CL-0003 GREGOR closure conditions v001 2018-02-22
GRE-KIS-CL-0007 GREGOR AO Quickstart v004 2020-07-01
GRE-KIS-CL-0008 Checklist: Assistenz Observatorium v002 2018-06-01
GRE-KIS-CL-0010 Checklist: GREGOR and VTT winter closure v001 2019-01-18
GRE-SJC-KIS-CL-0006 Checklist: Slit Jaw Camera v002 2019-07-28



Document Title Vers. Date PDF Original
GRE-KIS-OTH-0001 OT visitor policy v001 2020-01-22
GRE-KIS-OTH-0002 GREGOR & VTT: Visitor policy for IAC-led groups v001 2018-02-23
GRE-KIS-OTH-0003 Regulation Working and Observing at OT v001 2019-02-04



Templates and Instructions for Documentation

Please read the instructions in GRE-KIS-MAN-0001 on how to write version-controlled documents and use the provided template. All documents are named GRE-III-CCC-NNNN_vYYY_docname.pdf, where III is the institute abbreviation (KIS, MPS, AIP) and CCC one of the allowed categories (the complete list can be found in GRE-KIS-MAN-0001). NNNN is a sequential four-digit number for each category. vYYY is an integer version number, which is the only part that changes in the filename if any changes to the document are made and docname is (part of) the document title without any white spaces. For instrument-related documents, it is possible (if desired) to include the instrument in the identifier, e.g. GRE-BBI-KIS-NNNN.
Document Title Vers. Date PDF Original
GRE-KIS-MAN-0001 How to write GREGOR documents v002 2017-12-19 pdf docx
Word Template for Documents 2019-09-16 dotx
Word Template for Checklists 2018-02-25 dotx
Word Template for Minutes of Meetings 2017-12-27 dotx
Latex Template for Documents 2018-02-28 zip
Latex Template for Checklists 2018-05-03 tex