The Mouse was back!

The Mouse was back! Finally, on October 3, 2019, Schauinsland Observatory opened its doors to the very young. This was the seventh time that the German television children’s series “The Show with the Mouse” invited children from age 6 and their families to visit the observatory.

Weather conditions were good when some 50 children followed the invitation to learn how a (solar) telescope works. They also learned about the huge size of the Sun and the vastness of the solar system, why astronomers disperse white light into a spectrum of colours and what we can learn from that.

As in previous years, the KIS team was surprised by some very good questions of the visitors. Let’s hope that some of these children will come back as students some years from now!

The KIS team is always happy to receive visitors as enthusiastic as these.

Here are some impressions of this year’s Day with the Mouse.

See you in 2020!

Your KIS team