Open Access GRIS data archive

The data archive of the GREGOR infrared spectrograph (GRIS, Collados et al. 2012, AN 333, 872) is online now. GRIS data prior to 2017 is open access and now available through the GRIS data archive. It contains more than 500 data sets recorded in the years between 2014 and 2016. Most of them are single raster scans recorded in spectropolarimetric mode in the 1.08µm and 1.56µm wavelength bands. Some of them are measurements in spectroscopic mode, time sequences capturing the evolution of solar features, and observation in other wavelength bands such as 2.2µm.

The web interface of the GRIS data archive. Each observing day provides a link to a new site with overview images of all the observation on that respective day. The link appears red if the data is in the 1.08µm regime and blue if it is in the 1.56µm regime.

Example of the overview of one dataset on the daily webpage. There are preview maps of all Stokes parameter and the region scanned by GRIS indicated within an HMI full disk image. Located on the top of the daily webpage there is the link to the folders holding raw (level 0) and calibrated science-ready (level 1) data, as well as to the level 2 data consisting of physical maps.

The Kiepenheuer Institute hosts a webpage that provides overview maps and context data for each dataset. The calibrated data is science-ready and can be downloaded either directly from the GRIS archive webpage using e.g. "wget" or through the Solar Virtual Observatory (SVO), which was developed under the SOLARNET project supported by the EC FP7 programme.

For the 1.56µm wavelength band, the Kiepenheuer Institute provides maps of physical quantities based on a simple line profile analysis. There are, e.g., Dopplermaps or maps of strength and orientation of the magnetic field. If available, slit jaw images can also be downloaded. These data are available trough the GRIS archive webpage only.

Further information on the GRIS data archive can be found here:

The SVO was developed by the Royal Observatory of Belgium: