Staff Reports

Arbeitsberichte - staff reports - take place at KIS on tuesdays at 11:30 AM. Talks are limited to 15 minutes in every case. We plan 5-10 minutes for discussion, for which the limit is set according to need. We have a maximum of 3 speakers per session.

Staff reports can be presentations of research results or reports about current research activity. A staff report can also be an opportunity to discuss open problems, which is particularly encouraged.

Staff reports are an activity of the Konvent. After requesting preferred dates, a list of speakers is published below. Please send enquirys, requests for change of dates or for additional talks e.g. of new staff members to Christoph Kiess (, phone -303), as well as enquirys to discuss any other topics relevant to science.

Arbeitsberichte 2017

18.04. V. Böning
25.04. J-M. Borrero
09.05. O.Steiner T. Berkefeld
16.05. M. Sigwarth N. Kostogryz N. Bello Gonzalez
23.05. S. Berdyugina M. Schmassmann M. Franz
30.05. SAC Meeting
06.06. Pfingsten Pentecost
13.06. O.v.d. Lühe Vigeesh R. Kiefer
26.06. R. Schlichenmaier C. Kiess
04.07. O. Kuzmychov W. Schmidt
11.07. H. Strecker V. Holzwarth
25.07. Gesundheitstag
01.08. C. Fischer I. Thaler J. Loehner-Boettcher
08.08. A. Gorobet