Staff Reports

Arbeitsberichte - staff reports - take place at KIS on tuesdays at 11:30 AM. Talks are limited to 15 minutes in every case. We plan 5-10 minutes for discussion, for which the limit is set according to need. We have a maximum of 3 speakers per session.

Staff reports can be presentations of research results or reports about current research activity. A staff report can also be an opportunity to discuss open problems, which is particularly encouraged.

Staff reports are an activity of the Konvent. After requesting preferred dates, a list of speakers is published below. Please send enquirys, requests for change of dates or for additional talks e.g. of new staff members to Christoph Kiess (, phone -303), as well as enquirys to discuss any other topics relevant to science.

Arbeitsberichte 2018

13.3. Borrero
20.3. Steiner
27.3. Hoch Pastor Heidecke
10.4. Schmassmann von der Lühe
17.4. Löhner-Böttcher Ellwarth Schubert
24.4. Fischer Sigwarth Hammer
8.5. no staff reports
15.5. Schlichenmaier Gorobets
22.5. Pfingsten
29.5. Schmidt
5.6. !! 12:00 im JB1 !! Lindner Vortrag Masterarbeit
5.6. !! 14:15 im Hörsaal !! Bello Gonzalez Franz
19.6. Strecker Nebelo