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The following plots show an analysis of GREGOR's seeing values as recorded by the AO. Note that these values are not compatible with other telescopes (e.g. SST) because each telescope calculates them differently.


Time range: Nov 2018-September 2019. Some logfiles are missing, particularly in June 2019. The analysis is based on HP's logs (from, which have a 5-second cadence.


R0 was limited to 24 cm for the plots because calibration data may be of similar magnitude, for example when locking on pinholes or targets. As the temporal plot shows, on days with good seeing, continuous R0 data (from 5 to >20) exist. There are single high R0 points visible in the plots, which may also be from calibration data and therefore should be ignored.


The plots on the right show R0 vs. elevation, azimuth, wind speed and wind direction.

The best seeing occurs:

- elevation < 40 deg

- wind speed 2-8 m/s, where 3-7 m/s are best

- wind direction 130-190 deg, however other directions can also have good seeing.

- throughout the whole year with no preference for any particular month

GREGOR AO r0 parameter from Nov 2018-Sep 2019.