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Thema: Traveling to the Sun

Termin: 23.10.2017, 15:00 h Vorbesprechung

Format: Vorträge von je 45 Minuten Dauer, anschl. Diskussion.

Dozenten: PD Dr. M. Roth, apl Prof. Dr. W. Schmidt

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Ort: Seminarraum KIS, Schöneckstraße 6


Hinweise aus dem Modulhandbuch M. Sc.: The seminar comprises approximately 10 lectures from a coherent field of physics or a neighbouring scientific area and consists of the elaboration of a lecture to a physics topic or an adjacent area with written documentation (handout) and an oral presentation. Beyond that, active participation in all lectures of the seminar is expected.


In the very near future, two space missions will travel toward the Sun and collect information about the solar wind, the magnetic field and other properties. Both missions will combine remote-sensing and in-situ measurements. The Parker Solar Probe (NASA) will be launched in summer 2018. Closest approach (6 Mio km above the solar surface) will be in 2024. The Solar Orbiter (ESA) will be launched in February 2019 and will approach the Sun until 0.28 AU and will provide high solar latitude observations of the Sun, combined with in-situ measurements, thanks to an inclined orbit of up to 34 degrees relative to the solar equator.



1. The Solar Orbiter Mission

2. The Parker Solar Probe

3. Withstanding the heat

4. Planet-assisted orbital manoeuvers

5. Data management & communication

6. Solar polar magnetic fields

7. Origin and Distribution of the Solar Wind

8. Solar flares and energetic particles

9. The Sun from different view points: ground & space

10. Heatin the Solar Corona

11. The lower solar atmosphere

12. The "solar surface"