Term Paper WS 18/19: The Early Universe

Allgemeine Information

Thema: The Early Universe

Termin: 19.11.2018 erster Vortrag

Format: Vorträge von je 30 Minuten Dauer, anschl. Diskussion.

Dozenten: apl. Prof. Dr. M. Roth, apl Prof. Dr. W. Schmidt

Verbindliche Anmeldung: 16.10.2018, 17:00 Physikalisches Institut

Vorbesprechung & Vortragsvergabe: 22.10.2018, Seminarraum KIS, Schöneckstr. 6

Ort: Seminarraum KIS, Schöneckstraße 6

Ansprechpartner: mroth@leibniz-kis.de

Hinweise aus dem Modulhandbuch M. Sc.: The seminar comprises approximately 10 lectures from a coherent field of physics or a neighbouring scientific area and consists of the elaboration of a lecture to a physics topic or an adjacent area with written documentation (handout) and an oral presentation. Beyond that, active participation in all lectures of the seminar is expected.


The early universe is one of the hot topics in astrophysics. In this seminar we will focus on studying what we know about the early phases of the universe. This includes investigating the oldest objects in the universe. E.g. the oldest stars in the Milky Way are about 13.5 billion years old, i.e. they formed only 300 million years after the Big Bang.


Termine der einzelnen Vorträge:

19.11.18 Jessica Schäper: Observations of the Universe

19.11.18 Robin Feser: The Robertson-Walker Metric

26.11.18 Julia Müller: Standard Cosmology

03.12.18 Mariana Silva: Baryogenesis

10.12.18 Pascal Dolejsch: Inflation

17.12.18 Emanuel Dorbarth: Cosmic Microwave Background

14.01.18 Samuel Kellerer: Structure Formation

28.01.18 Nicolai Arndt: First Stars